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About DataStation

If you’re not recording it - you’re not managing it!

DataStation enables your organisation to demonstrate management of company policies and procedures.

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Save time and money by implementing DataStation for your organisation.

No extra IT costs, no support worries, no hassle.


Clients, legislation, insurers, standards assessors are demanding more and more from your business. Being able to succeed in today’s market conditions means demonstrating competent management and having instant access to information as required. Whether your business can meet these requirements will determine your success.

How can DataStation help your organisation?

  • DataStation helps you to ensure that your staff know where to find information.
  • It gives your staff confidence to perform their tasks within the expectations your business places on them.
  • DataStation helps to reduce incidents by enabling you to focus attention on reoccurring needs and issues.
  • DataStation gives you tools to perform time intensive tasks in seconds, such as calculating incidence rates, analysing the training needs of part of the business or establishing how compliant a site really is.
  • Provide your clients with confidence that you are servicing their requirements with reports from DataStation. If you choose, you can provide them with access to the information on the system.
  • Capture useful data across the organisation through standardised forms and documents which are tailored to suit the needs of your business.
  • There is no need to purchase licenses for database software, computer hardware or software programs requiring support from in-house helpdesks. Just an annual service contract.
  • DataStation integrates seamlessly into your existing processes and helps you to streamline them.
  • DataStation provides faster and easier access to your data from anywhere in the world.
  • DataStation offers alternative means of collecting data which can reveal improvement factors for your organisation.
  • DataStation can track health & safety factors and help you manage risk.
  • DataStation demonstrates control of information which has helped clients win contracts and prove eligibility to form partnerships with larger client organisations.
  • DataStation brings clients, staff, contractors and tenants closer together making relationships more efficient.
  • DataStation promotes electronic communication and data storage minimising requirements for storage, printing and postage.
  • Flexible finance options enable you to optimise your cash flow.
  • DataStation providers and partners offer you fanatical personalised support for your business.


  • Keep records and drawings for all properties and workplaces in one place.
  • Plan, schedule and record all routine maintenance and safety compliance tasks and audits.
  • Assign and track action items.
  • Upload documents from your laptop or handheld device.
  • Track actions created from reports and audits.
  • Manage assets, plant and equipment.
  • Produce lifecycle costing models for assets.
  • Manage environmental compliance.
  • Report and manage accidents and incidents.
  • Manage training and provide on-line training solutions.
  • Cut costs of compliance management.
  • Demonstrate compliance.
  • Manage incidents and investigations.
  • Graphically analyse data in real time.
  • Produce management reports.
  • And much more...


Every client has different requirements - there is no such thing as ‘one solution fits all’.

DataStation is competitively priced on an annual contract. Our clients do not buy software, they pay for a service. Why?

  1. DataStation requires expensive third party software to run.
  2. DataStation requires dedicated servers for its Database and Web Services.
  3. DataStation requires firewall hardware.
  4. DataStation requires significant disk space.
  5. DataStation requires daily backups.
  6. DataStation requires redundancy and continuity including:
    • a. Additional disk space
    • b. Additional processing power
    • c. Cooling
    • d. Backup power (generators)
    • e. Security

All of these features cost thousands of dollars. Add to this the cost of providing offsite support for customised installations and on site technology support for your users means that the cost of purchasing software for individual installations is prohibitive.

Offering an annual contract allows your business to pay for the modules you require as they are needed without the additional expenses, that we’ve already covered.

If you are interested in finding out more about DataStation and enquiring about the costs involved for your organisation, then please contact your local office for pricing.


How did it start?

The foundations for DataStation were laid in 1998 during the concern leading up to the Year 2000 about how the rollover from 1999 to 2000 would affect industry.

Many companies and tenants around the world were concerned about how the Year 2000 would affect property assets. In association with AIMS Group (a large UK Health & Safety consultancy), CORE Health & Safety surveyed and analysed thousands of property assets for a range of property companies and managing agents throughout the United Kingdom.

At the end of 1999, a large amount of asset data had been collected and it was suggested to clients that a maintained asset database linked to maintenance and health and safety documents would be extremely useful. At the time, most documentation was delivered and stored in paper formats. For example, one large property management company owned a multi-storey building in Kingston, London packed full of documentation for all of their properties. These included Fire Certificates, Maintenance Records, Deeds, Plans and other documents. The trouble was that the 'library' had to be maintained and organised. Many documents also disappeared from the library over time and had to be replaced.

CORE Health & Safety evolved into United Data Group and developed a database driven web based solution on Microsoft's emerging web technologies. This managed application was one of the first on the market. The product was named "TrackRecord" because the intention of the web application was to track records (replacing the old libraries), but it quickly expanded to cover all sorts of additional areas of management requested by clients, including things as diverse as Visitor (Footfall) Counting, Life-cycle Property Costing and Contractor Accreditation.

By 2002, United Data Group was busy helping Land Securities, Sainsburys, LaSalle, King Sturge, AIMS Group and numerous other organisations to convert paper processes to electronic processes.

In 2002, the directors of United Data Group agreed to be purchased by AIMS Group. Shortly after this, in 2003 AIMS Group was purchased by a London Stock Exchange company.

Several months after the takeover, the key members of the original TrackRecord design team formed a new company and went back to the drawing board with the intention of designing a better system from scratch.

The vision for the new system was to build on a different architecture which would better suit the way that industry was evolving and allow everyone to work smarter. Sales of the system were originally aimed at the rail industry through several organisations partnered with British Rail. For this reason, the new system was named "DataStation".

After establishing a significant client base for DataStation in the UK, an office was established in Perth, Western Australia to promote DataStation to Australasia. From the beginning it was obvious that Australia had similar but additional market drivers. Working with clients and partners, solutions were quickly developed to service those needs.

The move has benefitted DataStation hugely because the biggest contributors to our services are (and will always be) our clients. DataStation development is now driven by teams on both sides of the world and the end result is a product which can be applied to multiple industries with the flexibility to adapt to the unique processes and requirements of each client no matter where in the world they operate from.

DataStation now manages hundreds of thousands of documents, actions, properties and assets around the world.

DataStation continues to expand its service with new operations in USA, Canada and the Middle East.




Contact Us

Our worldwide clients are serviced 24 x 7 from two locations, one in the United Kingdom and the other in Western Australia.

For more contact options please visit the Contact page.


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